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Grateful Dead Live at Community War Memorial Auditorium on 1979-11-09

Topics Live concert

This show has been commercially released as "Road Trips Vol 1.1"

Alabama Getaway-> Promised Land, They Love Each Other, Cassidy, Loser, Lazy Lightning-> Supplication, Althea, Easy To Love You, Jack Straw Dancin' In The Streets-> Franklin's Tower, Estimated Prophet-> He's Gone-> Drums-> Wharf Rat-> I Need A Miracle-> Bertha-> Good Lovin', E: U.S. Blues

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Community War Memorial Auditorium
Location Buffalo, NY

Source Soundboard
Lineage SBD> MR> DAT> Sonic Solutions> CD


SBD> MR> DAT> Sonic Solutions> CD; note d1t1 is JBG from 11/8/79 encore;
to abgd previously; via A. Stern; note variable right-channel static throughout


Reviewer: Dylan M - - December 16, 2013
Subject: What a show!
So fluid, so awesome, specially if you like the good Brent stuff. Everything just seems on. For some reason its overshadowed by the Cape Cod run, which was baller, but this seems like a more advanced version of that. First set is solid but second is why it super special.

I didn't discover these few Brent era Disco Dancin's until fairly recently and I have to say its way good. This version in particular is so straight forward. Everybody is having a great time and jamming fluidly. No lazy weak links tonite! Bobby is as audible as Jerry (a rarity) and you really get a nice sense of what allot of these boards are missing out on. Healy loved turning Bobby down and turning Jerry way up, which works enough, but its his guitar work that makes this show stick out, no Jers, which is certainly inspired, but Bobby and Brent really bring this show vocally together.

Dancin'>Franklins is seamless in transition, no stop then go, just a "whoa, there playing franklins now!!", Then a solid Estimated. The He's Gone is incredibly lovely with some amazing vocalizations and playing from all of the boys. They take there time with the jam out which has some of the absolute best jamming from this period followed by some Caution teases then a full out Gloria Jam. Drums and Space is pleasant and well played. The east coast really brings out the best in all of them. Wharf Rat has Jer giving his vocal all with some specially soulful drawls. Miracle is silly and aggressive, in other words its great. Bertha>Good Lovin' is standard but fun. Go 79', this is when the band really started to realize that Keith and Donna were holding them back.
Reviewer: lilrichwhiteboy - - May 15, 2013
Subject: I'm On Board w/ Everybody Else. Nice SBD Too.
I'm always very sceptical when I see an average of five stars in any SBD review. As an AUD hound, I'm always looking for a minimum of vocal "disharmony", so I can enjoy the music. Too many SBDs have the vocals wayy too high, and it drives me crazy. Or the sound is sterile and lifeless. But I am pleasantly surprised by THIS SBD. Except for the slight bit of fuzz here and there, it's warm and inviting. Jerry doesn't sound too bad and Bob doesn't sound like he's screaming or spitting in the mike. The transition into Franklin's is fabulous. The Gloria is good, but I have to disagree with some of the other reviewers and say that the Stanley Gloria is better. Ol' Jer seemed just a touch tentative. To me, it's clear that the 1st was "all out". The trans into WR from drumz is very nice. But the end of the second is down right flamin'. No China Doll, Stella, R&R, or OMSN to spoil things. Thanx Boyz.
Reviewer: drgraffenberg32 - - May 15, 2012
Subject: free sbd of this show for download...
this show is in's free stash, download that shit! almost posistive its the board too. love the dead enough without keith and donna, but add brent in the mix and they cant be beat. just discovering the 80s dead (this is basically 80s dead) and lovin it. did i mention keith and donna were the achilles heel throughout the 70s? indeed.
Reviewer: RFKROX - - February 4, 2008
Subject: This show is off-the-hook! Just check out Road Trips Vol., No. 1
Anyone that gives this show less than 5 stars needs to check into a psychiatric ward and get their head examined!!

Okay, let’s review… The Grateful Dead Store ( just released “Road Trips Volume 1, No. 1" recently. If anyone has been paying attention, nine (9) of the songs from the Buffalo Auditorium show from 11/9 are on this “Road Trips” 3-CD set (includes bonus disk). Those songs are:

Dancing in the Street
Franklin’s Tower
Wharf Rat
I Need a Miracle
Good Lovin’
Estimated Prophet
He’s Gone
Gone Jam (includes Gloria riffs)

And if it weren’t for a “slight” feedback sound in Althea, the 11/9 version could very well have been on there, too.

As much as I like this Good Lovin’ from 11/9, I would have used Good Lovin’ from 11/1 (Uniondale) on Road Trips!

Enough said! Can I get an “AMEN”!!

To Mellowman: JBG came from the 11/8 show (encore) at Capital Center (from the previous night).

Danny from Northern Virginia outside of Washington, D.C.
East-Coast Deadhead

Reviewer: Neil Skelton - - January 9, 2008
Subject: I Thought Cape Cod Was Good
4.5 out of 5 Straw>Dancin>Franklins-Estimated.......Sweeeeeeeeet! Great Year Brent was Raw and Ready and rejuvanated the stale sound from 1978 God Bless him and his B-3.

Please dont fuss and fight about Music People lets just enjoy such a fine resource as since GD Management errr Rhino wont release any more complete shows, why wait wheres Sunshine Daydream on DVD!!!!!!!!!

Neil Skelton
Reviewer: Mellowman - - December 15, 2007
Subject: The Jam is the Dead
If you listen to the Jam after He's Gone, it will make you jump and dance no matter where you are.. you can't control it. This is a piece of history. The whole show is a Keeper, but I recommend you all give a focused enjoyable listen to the Jam in this show.

BTW, did anyone figure out where the JGB came from?
Reviewer: rongovia - - November 7, 2007
Subject: how bout ol man down
Brent's subtle vocals add nice texture during Wharf Rat, im mean c'mon
Reviewer: JamminJerome - - September 28, 2007
Subject: Good stuff
Nice Dancin'>Franklins, grate He's Gone with Gloria Jam. Solid show from front to back. Not a bad note - even Drums/Space is good!
Reviewer: scum beat - - May 9, 2007
Subject: Jack Straw for the ages
the most rockin' Jack Straw I've heard here...ever. And I listen most everyday. The band is way-into it. The peak at the end is fantastic. I just luv it, as I plug away here at work. The rest of the show rocks as well -- but JS stands out for me.

what a great luxury we have with this archive. What year do I visit next?

thanks & keep the peace.
Reviewer: Arijuana0 - - May 9, 2007
Just so we know I know that its in the notes at the bottom but not up here nor is it changed so just so we all know. It starts after Johnny B Good. I love this show as it is shiva's first show. forever I will know it was shivas first show. Im listening to it for the first time. go me..I think its a great sound and all around GREAT feel of brent coming in and what not.
Reviewer: pinecone - - November 9, 2006
Subject: Damn,good show
You guy's can pick apart any show apart piece by piece. It is a damn great show. So just hang loose and enjoy it instead of splitting hairs.
Reviewer: L. Rosley - - May 14, 2006
Subject: A tight show
One of my favorite 1979 shows. It has some great performances and a great set list, with clean vocals and tight playing. Check out the recently revived They Love Each Other and the blazing Cassidy, which is a highlight of the first set.

The second set has some strong work, with a pleasing sequence of continuous songs. The Dancing is nothing special, but Jerry does some nice work on Franklin's Tower. A mellow He's Gone is followed by a jam that speeds up to a Caution Do Not Step on the Tracks jam, which then turns into a jam based on the Gloria riff. This devolves into Drums. There's an interesting transition from Drums into an extended atmospheric Space jam, which finally resolves into a strong Wharf Rat. Jerry smokes on Bertha.
Reviewer: swedishhead - - November 18, 2005
Subject: Delicious Show
If I could give this somewhere between 3.5 and 4 stars I would. I guess I just did. Ok...this is a fun, great, fun show. Brent just lights things up on the edges and brings things back to life. THis show is - as is the entire fall of '79 - a great example of that idea / opinion. Candy! Although..I must say, IMHO, the "dancin' > franklin's" is, I dare say, overrated. Don't get me wrong, I was dancin' like a maniac to the "dancin" but the meat of the song - the jam in the middle - is a little meandering and falls victim to what made other songs in this show so wonderful, namely Jerry's precision attack of singular notes, one after the other, composing a "sheet of sound". Dancin' needs some air and room to breathe...and when that's done ala 5/8/77, it's wonderful. The "transition" here is more like a very, very smooth handoff, but not such a huge transition that most divulge. It's a nice handoff - exciting and fun and surprising - but none the less, its a nice handoff and not a huge "transition" piece. The Franklin's rocks. Jerry's precision attack is right on point and at home and a "fit" for this song. Althea, Easy to Love You, Cassidy, Lazy Lightnin'-supplication, and They Love Each Other in this Fall '79 period are treats, treats, TREATS. Enjoy this show. It's the candy!
Reviewer: amichels - - October 25, 2005
Subject: awesome
JBG wasn't part of the set. I think the song just got added on to this download somehow.

Anyway, this is an awesome show! The SBD is great. One of the best Wharf Rats I have ever heard.
Reviewer: mrchar - - October 19, 2005
Subject: Only Time Ever??
They opened a show with the encore tune from the night before??
Reviewer: catfishjon - - October 18, 2005
Subject: Caution, Don't Stop On the Tracks...
Jam, blazing to Cap Cod caution almost
the same except that one is abbreviated and runs into Other One. This whole set is excellent and is a must.
Reviewer: catfishjon - - October 18, 2005
Subject: Caution, Don't Stop On the Tracks...
Jam, blazing to Cap Cod caution almost
the same except that one is abbreviated and runs into Other One. This whole set is excellent and is a must.
Reviewer: csmiller - - July 4, 2005
Subject: Gloria Jam
The Gloria Jam after He's Gone buries the one from 12-1-79. This entire show buries that one. Aside from the occasional soft static in the right channel, this sounds great, and the band is on.
Reviewer: .5step - - July 4, 2005
Subject: another great upstate show
I discovered this one via the November 1980 Fox Theater show - that one was so hot, something about the dynamic of the band when Brent joined that just infuses everything.. Well damn, this show is pretty sick too. Brent shines throughout, Jerry is on point, the drums is vintage and there is some sweet jamming, the likes of which I have not heard elsewhere.

In particular the He's Gone jam is super notable. Brent is on board with some synth action (Prophet 5, Moog), a totally new direction for the Dead, and you can tell in that jam that it was just the spice, among others, the band needed at the time to remotivate and move on into the eighties.

I give this one a 5 for playing, mostly set 2, and a 4 for sound - right channel is a little scrunchy at times but nothing major.
Reviewer: Madfripper - - June 25, 2005
Subject: Are you Kiddin' Me!!!?
This show is a GEM........... so glad I found it. From start to finish. Sound quality is superb. I was not a huge fan of Danicin' in the streets until I heard this. Unreal jammin. Brent was on fire. Bobby's rhythms were heard really well in the mix. What an ON night for the boys. Download and enjoy! Shroom sold seperately!
Reviewer: skb archives - - May 29, 2005
Subject: Source Info
There were no reels made on this tour. The correct source is SBD>Cm>Cass>Dat>CD>Sonic Solutions>CD
Reviewer: OSUPhan96 - - May 21, 2005
Subject: He's Gone>JAM!>Drums
Suprised no one has mentioned this Jam, its about 8 minutes with everyone playing something completely different.

The transition from dancin' into franklins is very awesome.

Sounds is good if you turn it up a bit.
Reviewer: DeadtotheHead - - May 16, 2005
Subject: Brent & Jerry
I agree dcain, Brent is god, or at least for this show......this Dancin'>Franklin's surpasses any other transition I've ever's so funky I couldn't even believe I was listening to the Grateful Dead. Jerry was lovin' it for sure, he was also in top form tonight....Long live Brent Mydland's legacy.....THIS SHOW IS ROCKIN'!!!!!.......and needs to be a Dick's Picks.
Reviewer: dcain - - April 17, 2005
Subject: Brent is God
Listen to the end of Dancin and his intro into Franklin's. He literally seizes control of the tune and takes it god knows where, before Garcia by sheer will overcomes him with the tonic (a
shame :))

And Brent is first out of Estimated, wonderful sound of his instrument. Ah Brent, we hardly knew ye.
P.S. Check out, maybe, it's 10:47 on Franklin's, sorry, that was at least one wine ago, where Garcia decides to trill the heck out of the thing, and then Weir steps up with a 40 ounce bat and trounces Garcia with his own Paul Bunyan-sized trilling.

These guys were achieving some serious mastery at this point in their professional lives. Lesh sounds great here too, with barge-sized notes, similar to those he sounds on 11-6-79 Jack Straw.
Reviewer: stratocaster - - April 8, 2005
Subject: Tape Speed
The show is pitched a wee slow, but that aside, this is a fine performance...You'll note this particularly in They Love Each Other, that typically has a "bright" Jerry riff in G...

As a note--it seems that most shows are "in key" if you will, sometimes recordings will be slightly pitchy...
Reviewer: Stella Blue 911SC - - February 18, 2005
Subject: 79' like finding a new gem!
I've always been more fond of the early 70's shows....but the Althea on this show helped me see the light. 79' sounds like a good great....more modern cleaner sounds with Brents keyboards. Schweet!
Reviewer: capn doubledose - - February 3, 2005
Subject: Always liked this show
Franklins is a killer as is dancin and jack straw. However the lazy lighting>supp is easily one of the best ever done. I can say that as I have heard almost all of them and this stands alone. Lets not forget the hot gloria type jam at the end of he's gone. This is a hot show and formally a favorite tape. Little funkiness soundwise can be overlooked in the first set and right channel.
Reviewer: Spelunki - - January 14, 2005
Subject: El Dorado Has been found

Around you stand the ruins of Peruvian Rock and Roll El Dorado.

This great show scorches the Earth.

Look for similar burn marks in the jungle.

Why spoil the thrill of the hunt?

If you go forward or backward a wee dram from this point, you will find IT happen a number of times.

I'm going to forage on into the jungle of 1980. I suspect there is some rare, little known gems to be unearthed just ahead.

Be brave.

Tell my wife that I love her.
Reviewer: Mike Andrews - - November 21, 2004
Subject: Good Show - Transitional Period
This Buffalo gig is a good representation of where the Dead were at in late '79 - an absolutely pivotal time. The band was transitioning from the smooth, laid-back trippiness of '77 and '78 to the straight-ahead rockin' of '80-'82. Just enough warts to maintain your interest... tight enough to keep your left brain happy.
Reviewer: Abeface - - October 4, 2004
Subject: Great Performance
This is no doubt a top 5 show for the late 79 run. For it being a highly circulated analog, it seems rather underrated, but to have it now online at great sound quality is a treat. The first set is very tight, a newly played Althea is very loose, ending with a gigantic Jack Straw. The Dancin features terrific jamming with an interesting segway into Franklin's (thanks to Phil). The jam out of He's Gone is the Gloria jam they did a fews times, here it being very intense. All in all, a must have.
Reviewer: Shiva Ho - - August 31, 2004
Subject: My 1st Dead Show
This was my first Dead show & it rocked! I was trippin hard too & remember sitting up high watchin & thinking wow this is the best thing to happen to me ever. I had gotten a few live tapes from some veteran deadhead friends & they convinced me to go. Brent was the new guy & when He sang Easy To Love You, I really felt like that also. He sang different verses that night & I've loved Brent's voice, playing & songs ever since. Dancin Franklins was hot & for some reason I rememeber the drums being something very prehistoric to me at the time. The Gloria Jam after he's gone was a taste of things to come. I am so glad to have this soundboard finally. I had an OK audience copy since the show that never quite did it. Relistening to this on SB brings it all back. One of last few Miracle Bertha Good Lovins too.
Reviewer: jeeves - - May 25, 2004
Subject: Brent . 'nuff said!
Listening to Brent push Jerry on in the second set makes me lol. GD at the top of their game.
Reviewer: always - - May 8, 2004
Subject: gotta lotta totta
overall....3 thumbs up
rockin and rollin....that's what its all about..

Dancin >Frankins Tower....sweet.

Sound quality....excellent!!!!

mind bent blown and gone.....thanks
Reviewer: stardude2012 - - April 29, 2004
Subject: this show rocks!
I just have to give this show 5 stars. The sound quality is superb, ultra-crystalline and crispy!, cut from the same cloth as the 12/28/79 show. The Johnny B. Goode, is from the (previous night, sounds good). The first set is upbeat and rippin', with Jerry shredding the LL>Supplication jam. Phil "on" and pumpin' away all show long. A unique Easy To Love You, with alternate lyrics I think. Dancin' is upbeat and bubbly, with great Brent/Jerry jamming. The killer for me is the sick jam out of Estimated, with Jerry's pre-midi horn sounding guitar, some sick sounds and beautiful tones. He's Gone has great vocals and then leads into another sick jam, Phil dropping some phat notes, almost into a Caution jam, but then into a Gloria jam. Not as full-blown as the one from the Stanley a few weeks later, but there. Great sounding drums follow. Sweet show. The static is very low-level and does not distract.
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